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5. While this video is short it will surely make you laugh or smile, maybe both. This does would surely survive in a scary movie as he would definitely know when and how to play dead and throw everyone off. 

Chess Dog 300 x 600

2. The toy cat looked so real I'm not surprised this cat was confused that her look-a-like is not behaving like a normal cat and fighting back. In the end, she realizes though because no cat behaves so calmly to someone invading their space.  

8. Have you ever seen a cat sleep in a sink before? If you haven't you're missing out. Although this cats nap time was interrupted he looked so cute just napping away before then. ​

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Our pick for the 12 most viral and funny pet videos we challenge you to not laugh as you watch them and also to pick just one that you find the funniest.

1. This cute little golden retriever wants all the attention that he can get from his owner.  He just won't take no for an answer when it comes to getting his rubs.  

12 Adorable Cat and Dog Videos That Has The Web Going Wild

Now that you have had a chance to watch these dog on feline funny viral videos lol., why not share them with someone who's funny bone you wish to tickle and see if they pick your favourite video 

3. Everyone wants to hug dogs but what do you do when they hug back. Well, there's only one thing you can do… smile. That's exactly what this woman did along with some of her friends.

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7. This dog really has all the tricks from catching balls to standing on only his two front legs. You really can teach dogs anything, it'd be nice to just teach him to grab you a drink and turn the tv on for you. 

10. Hairdryers and this cat will never make a great team. This cat is not very keen on hairdryers being in his face at all. This lovely video shows him trying to get the bad guy to stay away.

4. Awww, a cute little kitty who just needs somewhere to sleep and fast. This little one is just too sleepy to even hold his tiny little head up. If no one else will find him a place to sleep I will.

11. This dog is not really amused by what his owners are eating. His face really says it all.                            

9. Dog sitter, except not for your dog, but an actual dog that can babysit the baby. Mom and dad can finally get some sleep as this adorable baby, dog duo have fun watching this movie. . 

12. I just hope that he does not try to jump in and that the tank does not break for everyone's sake.

 Let me know your opinion about the 12 Adorable Cat and Dog Videos That Has The Web Going Wild. Add your comment here. 

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6. That bird toy will certainly not be getting away any time soon with how this cat is handling it. I would most definitely not like to be the bird toy in this video for so many reasons. 

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12 Adorable Cat and Dog Videos That Has The Web Going Wild

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