3 haunted islands in the world!
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Okinawa Island, Japan

3 haunted islands in the world!

2. Okinawa Island, Japan

This island witnessed 82 days of destruction during the World War II which took lives of 90,000 Japanese soldiers, 13,000 American soldiers and over 100,000 civilians. Approximately 4,000 Japanese soldiers lived through the war on this island. Later on, they committed mass suicide to avoid being captured by the enemies.

In the years after the war, strange things started appearing on this island. For instance, multiple re-occurring suicides at odd locations, haunted hospitals, paranormal activities on the construction sites to eerie hotels. Would you wish to visit such island?

Alcatraz USA
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3. Daksa, Croatia
If you have been trying to purchase an island at a cheaper cost, try checking your luck at this island maybe? The owners of this island have been trying their lucks in selling this island since 2013, they even dropped down the prices to $1.5 million.

Sounds a ridiculous offer for a 12-acre private island with hundreds of historic buildings, right?

Not only do they face denial from buyers, people would not even go anywhere near this island.

Why is this so spooky?

Dated back to 1944, Daksa was the scene of the brutal massacre where almost 53 Nazis suspected collaborators were executed. And not just that, their bodies were left to rot in the open. In the following years, paranormal activities started occurring often at this island which not only made the residents move to another place, this island even scared people away from its natural beauty.

3. Daksa, Croatia
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I think that everybody should go out there and test their curiosity, find a haunted place.

     -  Zak Bagans

It is often an obvious imagination to think of sunny places of pristine, unspoiled natural beauty when someone says islands. An island where you can beach all day and do nothing. But wait, there are some islands that are not a slice of paradise but still manages to attract a great number of tourists around the world. But why would anyone visit a haunted island? Dark curiosity to see the abandoned asylums and prisons that nests paranormal activities. We have listed down some of the world’s scariest haunted islands. 1.

Alcatraz, USA: 

Let’s start talking about the world’s famous haunted islands that you must have probably seen in various movies before. This is the legendary prison island you have heard in stories and watched in movies. Have you heard about the cell block D, otherwise known as ‘the Hole’? This island is the origin of all those stories.

When it comes to paranormal activities, this is considered the most active location to visit. From inmates screaming throughout the night to seeing evil creatures being strangled with pooling of blood underneath, this place sure brings chills down the spine.

More Genial Things:

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What do you think about these islands? If you don’t want to wet your pants, you are sure welcome to all these islands! 

Are you the kind of person who would record paranormal activities at spooky places? These islands are the best place for you. But good luck coming back alive or sane!

Do you think we missed something? If yes then let us know in the 

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