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5 easy ways to always be happy

  Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

      - Omar Khayyam

Do you want to have a happy life? Here is a 5 step guide for you to experience personal  happiness and have a fulfilling and happy life:

1- Find your purpose

Creating a positive impact is finding your purpose. We all have to find our purpose as to why we exist in this world and this is the start of finding happiness since you will be impactful and your life will have a greater sense of meaning. Go out explore the world to find your purpose.

2- Believe in yourself

You are the best version of yourself. There is no better you in this world. If you let other people belittle you, you lose your confidence and people will walk all over you. Your sense of happiness disappears and you end up grumpy and withdrawn. But if you are assertive and can express yourself in confidence, you are in control of your life and people respect you. This will give you joy and will help you better interact with others.

3- Be grateful and forgiving

Gratitude is an important virtue towards happiness. This is a habit that leads to a sense of being blessed and expressing your blessings presents a joyous feeling. Counting your blessings is a consequence of happiness. Also, always forgive and let go the hurt from your heart. Dwelling on anger makes a person miss happinessopportunities. Always endeavor to forgive and you will be a happy person.

4- Make meaningful relationships

Always find the right people to interact with and find the time to share and spend time together. These relationships are built by practicing gratitude, forgiveness and caring for others.

5- Never expect others to make you happy

Yes, you can have the comedians make you laugh, but this can only last for so long. Real happiness comes from oneself and it depends on how you uphold your own self and others. No one will make us happy and thinking they canonly contribute to our unhappiness.

This guide will make a better, happier you.

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5 easy ways to be happy