Celebrities Reactions to Mayweather Defeating McGregor!​

In case you are genial, you will not be just happy, but truly happy. This is because we have started missing out on being truly happy. Even our happiness is not genial today. We are happy because we should be. We like to project being happy in order to make our family feel relaxed. We try to project happiness when we are doing well at our jobs making enough money to take care of our family and able to abide by the rules that have been set down by the society. 

But the fact of the matter is that all of us are a part of the rat race. We follow a set path. This is because we are afraid of the unseen. We are averse to taking risks. Hence we follow the path that the society has laid for us.

While doing all this, we tend to forget our passions. We forget what we truly love. We are simply doing what the society expects us to do. But our true happiness may be lying somewhere else.

In order to be genial and happy, we need to listen to our heart. We may hate the noise our neighbor is making or all the rowdy parties that they have at their house on weekdays. But we try to be a good neighbor and avoid complaining just because the norms laid by the society ask us to do so. But this does not really work out!

We are bound to feel frustrated and angry as we are being snuffled. This is going to reflect sooner or later in our behavior and in our personality. It can depict itself as unnecessary anger against our own children, poor performance at work, health problems and so on. Besides, there will not be genial affection towards the neighbor. We may not be able to build a strong bond with them as we are not sharing genial feelings with them.

Also, do note that the other person can always make out how genuine or artificial you are. All this is going to have an immense impact on the relationship that both of you would be sharing over the years. Any kind of artificiality gives rise to disbelief and mistrust. This does not help to build a healthy relationship. Besides, it gives rise to a lot of negative vibes which do not work in favor of anybody.
Hence, if you are looking for true happiness that is lasting, it is important to be genial at all times. After all, human psyche has been designed to recognize fake from afar. In case you are looking for fulfillment and true bonding, your real feelings need to come through.

Do note that it is not possible to keep your feelings bottled up. They will find their way out sooner or later. This may not be as per our liking. Hence in order to avoid such a situation, you must be truly genial, real and be you at all times! 

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