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Everyone wants to save time and money at any car dealership but especially at rental dealerships.

     ● Always compare rental agencies
Of course, anyone would think to check with the big rental companies but there are some hidden gems that you're missing out on. Hertz, Avis, Enterprise,etc., are ones that everyone knows about and what they don't know about are some smaller companies that offer way better rates. Just because they are popular doesn't always mean they're the best always check with some unknown companies. There are sites like Priceline and Kayak that compare prices for you so you don't have to do it manually.
    ● Don't return the rental late
Always add a few hours or even an extra day in the time that you think you'll be able to return the car. This is because you never know what traffic will be like or what will happen and returning the car late is not really an option; you will get charged. Some rental agencies will give you a 29 minute grace period to turn the car and some will charge you a whole day if you turn and the car late. Also, some companies will give you a prorated refund for returning the car earlier than expected. Not all companies are the same so make sure you read in between the lines of your rental agreement to see what the company you're renting from allows and does not allow.

     ● Try to avoid renting at the airport
Renting at the airport comes with many additional charges even though it can be very convenient. Car rentals at airports sometimes carry a concession recovery fee which essentially gets you to pay extra so they pay the airport for letting them do business there. Getting a cab or Uber to a rental company near your hotel or in the city is less expensive than getting a car from the airport. Some rental offices even provide transportation to and from the airport.

    ● Decline the in-car GPS system
Your smartphone has you covered when it comes to a gps system. A pre installed gps can cost up to $10 a day and is a gps really worth $70 a week when you can use your own. Car rental companies are always glad to charge extra for accessories that

 you don't need to get from them. So if you can use your phone or printed directions and have the person in the passenger seat guide you. You can also download a whole countries map to your phone so there's really no reason to pay for the GPS in the car. Plus the pre-installed GPS are usually out of date and don't work very well.

     ● Don't get tricked into buying extra insurance.
The auto insurance you already have may already cover collision damage and personal liability for the use of a rental car.  Even though this is true you will still here pressured by the car rental company as they make lots of money from insurance fees. The company will tell you lots of stories about how people's personal auto insurance did not cover damages to a car and some of the stories may be true but are not very common. To skip any mishaps call your agency to ask what they will and will not cover.

      ● Don´t prepay for gas.
Prepaying for gas probably seems like the perfect opportunity to save time but that means even if you only use half of a full tank you still have to pay for the whole thing. If you really need to prepay for gas make sure to fill it back up before you return the car because the rental company will definitely charge you for this convenience. You also might not want to refill at a gas station close to the car rental because of increased demand the prices will be higher.

     ● Inspect and Take Photos
With any type of rental, you should always take pictures because you never know what damage the previous renters did to it. The rental agency may charge you for these damages even though you did not do it they just didn't see it when the previous owner is sitting or are trying to make you pay extra. The smallest dent, scratch, or tear can have you paying a pretty fee chunk of change. So if you see any of this damage make sure to alert the renting agency right away are you may be charged for damage you didn't personally do. Don't ever think that was just because the scratch is small it doesn't matter and it's not worth bringing up because you will end up paying for it. Just make sure to inspect every rental you ever get for any type of damage. 

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7 car rental tips to save you time and money
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