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 ''Cigarettes are not a part of human behavior, they are a habit.'' 
       - Joe Eszterhas

whether good or bad, what you do often today, will soon begin habit tomorrow, and will grow to be a part of our permanent natural behavior. The habit is not natural, it's what has been performed frequently in the past, it's a second nature.  
so we should be very careful about forming our habits because the character is nothing but the sum of your habits. Cultivate good habits in order to have a good behavior. Make a meaningful New Year's personal transformation.

 - Identify the habit you  want to change: 

Unfortunately, the brain really doesn’t discriminate between the bad habits and the good ones. How happy or unhappy you are? How successful or unsuccessful you are? It's a result of your habits. it’s hard to break habits. Think about all the undesirable situations currently in your life.

-  Identify the cause:
categories of habits: habits of the mind, habits of consumption and habits of behavior. 
All habits have a function and give you something that you enjoy. soo analyze your behavior and your actions to identify the bad underlying cause to determine your motivating factors. then change whatever function the bad habit is serving.  

- Automaticity is the opposite of mindfulness:
Since the habit is what you do repeatedly, it's the opposite of paying attention to your behavior in order to react wisdomely and appropriately. You are on autopilot a fair amount of the time.  so pause before reacting and choose the appropriate decisions,  and actions.  

- Give yourself enough time:  
Know that it will take time. current research shows that most of us need about three months to substitute a new behavior for a bad habit. Some people need longer. It depends on the habit and your personality. 

- Be conscious of the strength of brains:
We have to get to know our brains a bit better. Our thoughts impact our behavior. But we can make extraordinary changes, we have the power to change our habits, we can change our thoughts and our routine to something better.  
create smart goals for yourself and follow the guidelines of S.M.A.R.T. goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused, and Time-bound.

- Change a Habit for Good:
Studies show that commitment to change is a vital part of the transformation process.  Believe in yourself and make the commitment to transform your own behavior and break your undesirable habits.
We feel pessimistic about changing. and negative thought gets in the way of creating or changing a habit, but a compassionate action plan will be the motivation for change.

Change models:
  - Replace bad habits with good ones. 
  - Find one habit that breaks all the other undesirable patterns.
  - Choose something to replace the bad habit: try a replacement behavior. 
  - Start small. The smaller the better, because habit change is difficult.
  - Avoid some situations where you normally do your old habit.
  - Accept support from family and friends if self-motivation isn't sufficient

Let's develop habits of punctuality, courtesy, truthfulness, obedience, and charity is the virtue necessary for improving your health, your work, and living a good life in general. 

 Let me know your opinion about other Easy Things To Do In 2018 To Change Habits. Add your comment here. 

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