New Unprecedented Digital Marketing Ultimate Guide

Crazy Author Releases Unprecedented Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide

From a personal challenge to build an online business to a global mission that would impact the digital marketing market. Over 600+ tool overviews in 50 categories and 827 pages.

GUOURIJA TAIB – Casablanca - Morocco - 5/23/2021 (

A new e-book, by experienced digital marketer GUOURIJA TAIB, provides an unprecedented ultimate guide titled “Digital Marketing Toolbox”, which allows newbie and marketers alike to discover in detail a complete mega list of online marketing tool overviews related to 50 categories.

After extensive research, GUOURIJA TAIB, the author, started online marketing early in 2010 ( “Throughout these long years of practice and experience, I deduced that automation and tools are essential elements to start, grow, and succeed in every online business project”, he explains.

He was as crazy as you think because we’re fascinated by the idea of creating the world’s #1 ultimate guide of over 600+ online marketing tools in 827 pages. “From the beginning, I knew that it wasn't so easy to do it... It took me several months to create the content, adding approximately all tools into this e-book… Now, I realize how impossibly hard it was to assemble in this e-book all these 600 online marketing tools ever created”, he exclaims.

He aims to provide the resource related to the latest online marketing tools, programs, systems, apps, software, and platforms that support individuals and enterprises of all sizes to build a successful online presence and improve their business while working less and focusing only on marketing.  “Use the right tools to target the right people at the right time and place”, he explained.

Therefore, trusted tools allow marketers and businesses to attract users & customers, to promote and sell products and services through digital channels such as websites, email, social media, mobile applications, search engines, or any new digital channel.

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''Serious professionals in any industry use the best tools. Those pros know that such tools are instruments of their success. The online business ecosystem is no different. When used well, tools can be real game-changers.'' - Pat Flynn -

Digital Marketing Toolbox is available in
PDF and Kindle. The e-book has 827 pages. The price is $9.99.

Moreover, the author is excited to continue his online presence as a crazy author who will release unprecedented ultimate guides. “Digital Marketing Toolbox will be translated to French soon”, he announced.

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