Lanmodo Automatic Car Tent is the wirelessly controlled smart car cover that transforms into a beach umbrella, a LED camping tent, or a fishing canopy.

✔ Lanmodo Keeps Your Car Cool

Protect Car From Hail & Falling Objects

Anti-theft, No Worry! 

 Lanmodo Car Tent Is Windproof

Lanmodo Fits In Various Cars

Strong Fiberglass Makes Lanmodo Strong

  Powerful Suction

   No Scratch For Your Car

  Super Waterproof & Easy To Clean

  Rechargeable Battery that works with low power consumption technology.

Converts Into Beach Umbrella 

Transforms Into Camping Tent With More Than 20 Features

✔ Outdoor Power Source & Device Charger

Turns Into An Outdoor Theater

Multiple Colors Available & Fully Customized Support

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Nice Wireless Automatic Car Tent

Quick And Easy Installation