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Happiness is a phenomenal feeling of life. It can take up a messed up person with a life full of depression and turn him into a superstar who is always positive for his life. Happiness and positivity go side-by-side, happiness amplifies positivity and positivity ignites chances to be happy. The impact of these two factors in life cannot be underestimated.

People do realize the power of positive thinking and seek ways to achieve that goal. Yoga centers and such psychotherapy practices are blooming where the services are directed towards positivity of clients' minds. Moreover, positive thinking has been taken up to the scientific road and scientists research about human mind's patterns to discover keys to unleash happiness.

Among the numerous ways you can follow to be happy, one of the most effective is writing. Yes, writing is the ultimate tool for hardwiring yourself to anything. Students prepare for their exams by writing their own notes and it works for them. Writing about positive thoughts makes your mind stick to a positive though with complete focus untilyour done writing it. And then your actions start bending into the positivity that you wrote.

Here are a few ideas about what should you write:

A list of things to be grateful for:
Positivity is generated when you realize all the good things in your life and start being grateful for it. Being humble and grateful to life's little details is a very powerful trait of a happy person. Not only will it give you the strength to face life's struggle with more effectiveness, it will also make it harder for you to tense up or become anxious about things that don't matter. 

Positive events that happened each day:
Another idea is to write down every possible positive event that happened in your day. It may be a bit harsh for youwhenyour going through a bad patch, but the ultimate result will be well beyond your imagination. Writing about positive events of the day will push up your standards for positive events, you will be able to see more moments of life as happy events. Also, it will build a practice of remembering the good things and discarding the bad things from your mind.

All the positive points about your character:
This is another lovely practice to the road to happiness. Writing all the good things about your personality will raise a question: "Why isn't there more good about me?" This question will inject a passion in your mind to turn your personality to more positive status. In other words, your positive side will be in competition with the other half and your writing habit will be making sure that your positive side wins, ultimately increasing positivity all around you and making you happy. 

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Writing about good things makes us happy

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More Genial Things:

Writing about good things makes us happy
An Emotional judgment by Judge Judy The dog chooses his owner
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